No. No no no no.

Went to a neighbours party last night. 

Did you go to the Christmas lights switch on? 


Have you seen the nativity scene this year? 


Have you been to the Christmas market? 


Did you see Santa at the park at the end of the road today? 


Will you do the New Year round town walk? 


No. No. No. No. No.

I want to scream at them: NO! My daughters can’t go out. We as a family can’t go out. And it’s not fucking bastarding fair!

But we can’t tell anyone why. And there’s no way it’s going to change anytime soon. When the birth parents’ house needs the dirty squad in they’ll be ‘re-housed here no doubt because social workers wont talk to housing. And despite the fact they’ve been in court over 10 times this year alone neither birth parent has been imprisoned. 

So our girls STILL aren’t safe to go out. In their own town. 

Fucking fuckety fuck. 

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