The nonsense never stops

If you’ve read my blog before you will know that Bubble and Squeak have sisters they see monthly, & that the oldest one returned to foster care late last year. 

We met a few weeks ago and all sisters decided they wanted a little party at our house when they next meet up to celebrate the oldest girl’s birthday. Party food was planned, ideas for gifts were discussed, and all the sisters were excited about it. 

The oldest girl told the foster carer what she wanted. Last week we asked whether the taxi had been arranged. It had not.  We e mailed the SW manager to get it sorted. 

Then the reply arrived. SWs and foster carer have decided it would be better if the sisters went to a bowling place for 2 hours. No reasons given.  

So here I am on a supposed mini R&R break, once again having to e mail Children’s Services. This time it seems absolutely ridiculous. A Looked After Child has chosen how she wants to celebrate her birthday and her wishes have been completely ignored by the people paid to look after her. 

All she wants is to come to our house, and have a little party with her sisters. That’s all. What’s the problem with that? 


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