Sobbing in the shower

I’d say I was pretty resilient.

In the last 4 and a half years since our daughters came to live with us we’ve been through various stresses and trials. 

Until the ASF was introduced we had to fight for everything the girls needed from SS. We were told that Bubble’s presentation was ‘typical’ and that we were ‘anxious’. Turns out she has ARND. Not really typical then. We were promised support that never materialised. It wasn’t until we complained that a SW was then allocated. 

Both our fathers and a granny died. My adopted niece went for respite and never returned. The girls’ sister returned to care. We’re still fighting SS to ensure our girls get to see her regularly. 

My flexible hours were suddenly stopped and I had to leave work when I challenged a manager’s decision which left a vulnerable young woman in an abusive situation. I fought back, and when they then made up some totally false disciplinary charge against me, I won.

We live with trauma, deregulation, anxiety and highly controlling behaviours from both our children 24/7. 

We have been battered and bruised by Bubble just because we decided to go on a family holiday. 

And now the girls – and us – are under threat of significant harm by their birth family. We’re coping with this the best we can, doing everything in our power to protect our girls and keep us together as a family. Tomorrow we are seeking legal advice. Again. 

Yep, I’m pretty resilient, but this morning I sobbed in the shower. 


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