Questions questions everywhere, when we’re on the brink

From the girls: 

Mummy, why can’t I walk into town with you? Why can’t we go to the park? Can we go scooting? Can we bike? Can I go to spend my pocket money? Why can’t we go to see mummy at her office? Can we go to the cinema? Can we go for a babycino? Can I help you in the shop? Why can’t I have the car window down? Why do I have to wear my baseball cap all the time? Why do I have to put my school bookbag in a rucksack? I’m not cold, why do I have to wear my coat? Why can’t we go to the adoption group family fun day? 

From Adoption ‘Support’: 

Why do you want a TAC meeting? What do you mean ‘what legislation are we working to’? You’re not very resilient are you? Do you want therapy? You do realise by telling the ‘third party’* you are in breach of data protection? We can’t exactly walk up to their door and ask them why they’re here, can we?

From us:

When you’ve repeatedly told us birth family are a danger to our children, and now to us, why are you not fulfilling your statutory duty to work with other agencies and us to do everything in your power to safeguard them and promote their welfare?

*Me. Yes that’s right I am a ‘third party’, not the ‘other mummy’, not ‘partner’, just a ‘third party’.


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Random musings mostly on adoption. Trying to re-parent therapeutically, while still clinging to my remaining shreds of sanity.

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