Taken Away

You’re 9 years old. You live in a house in a street in a town in a country in a world in a planet with your sister and mummies. You go to skool  because you Have To and you Hate maths and spelling and sitting down. PE is brilliant, and this week in PE you’ve thrown a long stick thing with a spear at the end. You’ve thrown it further than anyone in your class and you feel good. You feel so good you tell your mummy when she comes to collect you and she is happy and hugs you and says ‘wow! You are fantastic!’ You feel a bit weird when your mummy hugs you. 

Anyway she’s Wrong. You’re not fantastic. You’re very VERY Bad. You know you are because your Old Mum and Dad didn’t want you and were nasty to you.  When you were little the police took you away with your sisters and it was your fault and you had to live somewhere else for a Long Time with lots of other children. Then 2 of your sisters were taken away again by a man and a lady and you asked the lady to take you too but she said she wasn’t allowed to. And you think That’s Strange! Super Strange. Because adults can do anything they like. Unless the police tell them not to. Your mummies say that police are good people who protect everyone. That means keep them Safe. But they didnt keep you safe, they just took you away and you don’t like it when you see them now. The siren thingy on their cars is the worst. It means they’re coming to Get You.

When your sisters left, some babies came and then ages and ages later when you were 5 or 6 or something you were taken away with your littlest sister by your two new mummies and you are still living with them now. You haven’t been taken away again yet. 

It’s ok where you are living now. It’s clean and you don’t get locked in the attic, and you’ve got your own bedroom and it’s very big, like Humongous or something, and nobody hits you or throws spiders at you but you have to eat broccoli and other Green Things. Your sisters used to come over all the time and sometimes they’d have sleepovers but then Something Happened. You don’t know what and now your oldest sister got Taken Away Again and that is 3 times now. And you don’t see her much and she hasn’t been for a sleepover since she got taken again. 

You feel really really angry All The Time like you want to hurt someone but there’s no way you’re going to punch your punch bag especially if your mummies say ‘I wonder if you’re feeling like you need to punch your bag?’ You have only been taken away two times and so has your other sister and your littlest sister so if you do anything angry or bad you will probly be taken away again but you don’t know how to not feel angry or when it will happen or who will take you or where to. Or if you will see your sisters. Or if you will still have to eat broccoli.

Your mummies said that you’re Not Going Away and you will Never Ever go away from them until you are an Adult and even then they will Help You but they’re Wrong because soon you are going away with skool for a weekend. So they are not right. It’s ok here and you don’t want to go away forever again but what if you have to? What if someone just comes and takes you away? You’ve only been taken away two times so far. What if Old Mum and Dad come and take you away? What then? What if you are walking in the street one day and there they are? BAM!! And they just take you back to the attic and the spiders? What then? 


1 thought on “Taken Away”

  1. That was exactly my reaction. Read: Driving in the Dark, a Childhood Memoir. It is the same “crazy making” I was plagued with. It is the greatest sin against children, the FEAR.

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