Waiting to be beaten up

Bubble and Squeak have been living with us for 4.5 years now, and were adopted 3.5 years ago.  They are 9 and 8.  They were subject to abuse and neglect in the birth family home, and are developmentally traumatised.  Bubble has Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder and huge attachment difficulties. Squeak is highly anxious and very controlling.

When the girls were placed with us we had to confirm that we would avoid the birth family’s home town.  It was not deemed safe for us to meet the birth parents. We were told not to send photographs with letter box contact. Birth father sent us a letter through social work to tell us he would never give up the fight for his children.

Both birth parents are heavy drug and alcohol users.  They have a string of convictions, including recent assault charges. And last week we discovered they had just moved a mile away from us.

Aside from phoning the police to set up a quick response alert should we be harassed, threatened, beaten up, or our children snatched, social services appear to be doing nothing to help us protect the children. We strongly suggested a TAC meeting last week.  WE suggested it.  Not social services. They agreed to set something up.  We haven’t heard anything from them. Our phone calls are not returned.  When I phoned a manager last week I was informed this was not deemed ‘high risk’! How have they assessed the risk?  They certainly haven’t approached us about a risk assessment.

We talked with lawyers.  One stated an injunction couldn’t be enforced until something had happened, and one offered to write to social services on our behalf for £1000 plus VAT. Both seemed to think there was no legal route out of this.  In other words, it’s down to social services to help protect us.  And social services aren’t answering the phone.

So here we are, 2 adoptive parents who have fought and fought to get their adopted children what they need over the years, and now we’re just waiting to be harassed, beaten up – or worse – so that our children will get some protection.


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