There is a SEND review for Bubble this week. It will be a tick box exercise: meeting held ✔.  We’d asked for a meeting in January: this is it. In April. 

I was intending to write a few bullet points for the teacher about how ARND impacts on Bubble, and some practical strategies for the classroom. But then I reflected on said teacher’s attitude, and I decided not to waste my time. The one approach fits all mentality is clearly not going to be shifted by my insistence that Bubble has individual needs. 

Living with a neurologically impaired child is exhausting. On top of this, we’re battling social workers to enable our daughters to regularly see their sister in foster care. I simply don’t have the energy for another fight at the moment.

I’m trying to believe that I’m not letting Bubble down in this. I aim to meet with her next teacher early in September in the hope that they will be receptive to our understanding of her ARND and attachment disorder. I’m hoping the next teacher will be open to working with us to do the best for Bubble. 

Hoping. Not expecting. 


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