Birthday Bubbles

We celebrated Bubble’s birthday this week. She didn’t want a party so we had a pizza with Granny and an Auntie on Monday, complete with chocolate pizza cake, lovingly crafted by Squeak and me. On Tuesday we went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with a cousin and another Auntie.  

It’s fab at the YWP. Masses of animals, loads of space to run, and lots of mini adventure spaces. We have been there a few times now and Bubble & Squeak love it. 

As we walked around the park Bubble ran ahead. She didn’t interact with us unless she wanted something to eat. She didn’t want to hold hands. Eye contact was rare. She was not interested in stopping to look at anything, read any information, or engage in any conversation. And of course lunch was practically inhaled followed by lots of jiffling whilst everyone else was still eating. 

This  is typical behaviour and we are very used to it. Yesterday though, I felt increasingly out of sorts as the day progressed. Then I realised that my expectation of how a birthday ‘should’ be was really impinging on my mood. So I gave myself a talking to & I have banned ‘shoulds’ & expectations. Particularly on celebration days when anxieties are heightened.  Bubble was doing as well as she could with the brain she has, to paraphrase Dan Hughes. And that will always be enough. 

Happy Birthday Bubble!


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