Seeds of hope

This week’s #waso theme is ‘finding inspiration’, and a jolly inspiring theme it is too! I’ve realised that a few months on from quitting the grim and grimy world of local authority social work, my brain has been freed up to take inspiration from a multitude of places, people, and things. One of the most nourishing sources of inspiration for me is nature.


The girls and I love being outside, busy pottering, growing stuff. OH likes to watch us, book in hand, from the relative comfort of a deck chair.

Bubble and I spent a glorious afternoon in the Easter holidays constructing a vegetable planter. Bubble made a sign for it, and I strung up old cd roms as bird scarers. Inspired by our efforts, we’re now turning a massive old row of wooden pigeon holes from a local church into another vegetable planter, and an old meat safe into a cold frame.

Bubble loves sanding and hammering. Squeak loves painting. And it is when we are engaged in these messy tasks in our garden, that joy and wisdom emerges, and thoughts and humour are shared. We’re making connections and memories.

We may even decide eventually what to do with a couple of old wooden ladders that belonged to my dad. Current thinking is that they could be the sides of an archway over steps up to the lawn. Runner beans and everlasting sweet peas would love it. I have visions of a ton of beans hanging down from the top. Bean bunting!


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