Loving memories

As we walk up the path to our beach hut we pass lots of benches. This is my favourite.


I have no idea who Sam and Vera were. Sometimes I make up little stories about them, for my own enjoyment. They didn’t have a perfect life, but they weathered the storms together, and made lovely memories.

When I was a child we had a beach hut here. I have happy memories of being at the seaside. Cricket playing, kite flying, donkey riding, paddling, digging, picnicking, happy times. And now we’re creating our own family memories by the seaside.

OH and I have been painting the hut this week, and today we took Bubble and Squeak there. Whilst I got a bit messy with more interior painting, OH went for a walk with the girls. When they returned we sat outside, dipping cookies into steaming mugs of hot chocolate, brewed up on the camping stove.

I love these moments. I store them away for later years when Bubble and Squeak will have developed their wings and flown away. I imagine a time when OH and I will be huddled in deck chairs, wrapped up against the chilly breeze coming off the sea, and complaining about our rheumy joints. We’ll have such fond memories about the family times we’ve shared at our hut.

Maybe one day the girlies will dedicate a bench to OH and me. I wonder what it will say.

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