Crisis point was reached on Monday with OH and I blubbing our way through a much needed discussion. Through our tears we hatched a cunning plan. I continue to fight for flexible working, and OH asks her employers for a year’s break from work.

She is now negotiating with her employers, who appear to be supportive. So we’ll see what develops.

We need to do this.  For our family. For our sanity. We hope it will help with the permanency and constancy that our children crave. After 3 years we know that unless we can find something else in our toolbox right now, we will be fighting a losing battle come secondary school years.

And what happens if my flexible working appeal is unsuccessful? One of 2 things: I keep fighting, or I find another employer. My decision will be based on what is best for our family. I don’t want to quit my job. I believe in social justice, and  think I do as good a job as the system allows. Principles and sense of outrage aside though, sometimes there is strength in knowing when to move on.



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