Bring back Shirl the Girl!

Look away now if you’re not up for a political rant. I’ve temporarily hijacked my own adoption blog to vent.

A week ago I harboured a hope that a post-election coalition may be a positive. The UK might just have a chance to become a more liberal (with a small ‘l’)  and progressive force, advocating for the most vulnerable in our society.  I convinced myself that the strong performances from the female leaders in the televised election debates offered hope of a new (ish) politics of integrity and decency.  I allowed myself to imagine a different House of Commons, a chamber more suited to twenty first century politics than the present antiquated, adversarial one, so beloved by the old boys network. Goodness me, I had even envisioned the end of hereditary peerages.

Last Friday morning the more sobering truth was revealed.

Sadly our ‘first past the post’ system once again deprived our nation of true representation.  But it needn’t have been this way.
We had a chance to change the voting system¬† in May 2011. At the time even the Labour leader was advocating a change. Ed Miliband said at the time: “The change to the alternative vote deserves our support because it is fairer and because it encourages a better politics.
The British people know that the state of our politics is badly broken. Many see Westminster as remote and out of touch.
Politicians should never feel safe or insulated from those they represent. That’s what I want to change.
Let’s be honest: AV is no panacea. It isn’t perfect, but it would help to restore the balance of power in favour of voters…… So on May 5th, ask yourselves one simple question: are you happy with the state of British politics? If the answer is no, then seize this opportunity for change.”

We blew it. Only 41% of the population voted on this issue, and nearly 68% did not want change. And now people are demanding change? Do they really think this tory government are going to listen?


1 thought on “Bring back Shirl the Girl!”

  1. I can’t even. I despise everything about this election. In ten years time people will deny voting on this atrocious party, just like those who voted in Thatcher swear down they didnt either.

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