Taking care

Today H and I went to the Taking Care conference in York, so fabulously organised by @TheOpenNest. 

It was one of the best experiences we have had in our adoption journey. We left feeling refreshed and grateful.

It was brilliant to meet people I’d only previously met in the Twitter sphere, and to share a little more of our stories than 140 characters allows.

To spend a day listening to people in the adoption world who have struggled, and become stronger through this process, was inspiring. Each speaker had found the energy to reflect on and make sense of their journey, and then the courage to share their experiences.

There’s some fantastic work being done to raise awareness of both the effects of trauma, and the need for agencies to improve their responses to requests from adoptive families for support.

So H and I have come away from the conference determined to  take more care of ourselves. We’re going to rid ourselves of the drains. I’m going to sort out my constant exhaustion, and H is apparently going to indulge in some ‘me time’ – but draws the line at watching Neighbours.

Earlier this year the local authority adoption support team half-heartedly attempted and failed to organise a support group in our area. So we’re going to make more local connections and attempt to organise a group ourselves. As Margaret Mead wrote: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.’


6 thoughts on “Taking care”

  1. Love that Margaret Mead quote! …indeed it is the only thing that has. So pleased to have met you everso briefly and inspired by your commitment. (P.S. I’m with H on Neighbours but too embarrassed to say what the subsitute is!)

  2. I also draw the line at Neighbours but I am partial to a little bit of This Morning. So glad that you had such a positive and inspiring experience, it was a really wonderful day and it does feel as if we could change the world right now. Thanks for sharing on #WASO

  3. I think I didn’t see you there! Or I did but didn’t twig who you were 😦

    I just started a very small support group for adoptive parents and foster/kinship carers – we are only 5 people but already it’s been a good support. I hope you have success with yours.

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